About the Journal

Journal of Political And Legal Sovereignty (abbreviated as JPLS) published by PT Keberlanjutan Strategis Indonesia, p-ISSN 2986-2523 and e-ISSN 2985-6523. The Journal of Political And Legal Sovereignty is has published in four (4) issues per year and published in January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December. Journal of Political And Legal Sovereignty also uses the LOCKSS system to ensure a secure and permanent archive for the journal. The Journal of Political and Legal Sovereignty is a scholarly journal that focuses on the study of political and legal issues related to sovereignty. Since Aristotle's classification of political systems, power has been one of the most central and debated themes of the social sciences. Yet, despite its centrality, there has been little consensus on what constitutes the essence of power. It is part of Journal of Political And Legal Sovereignty to capitalize on the consequent debates surrounding power. This can include topics such as the nature of sovereignty, its relationship to democracy, and the role of international law in shaping sovereignty. The journal likely publishes articles and research papers written by academics and experts in the field of political science, law, and related disciplines.